Monday, August 22, 2016

Annual August Adventure

This year for our Houghton Family August Adventure, we decided to visit Dad's old stomping grounds! We started in Sequoia National Park with some big trees.
The General Sherman Tree is supposedly the most massive tree in the world!

Eliza really wanted her picture taken with the President.
Moro Rock has quite the view, but only if you make it up the 300+ steps.
I told you they were big trees!
Luke took a nap on the shuttle around the park.

And so did Dad and Eliza...

...and Levi too!

The next day, we went to Kings Canyon National Park and played in the frigid water. Everybody got in and fought the current. Levi even admitted that if he wasn't trying, he might just swim in place. Sadly, I failed to take pictures, but they wouldn't have done the icy water justice anyway.

Then, we spent a day with family in Sanger! Dad's brother, sister, and a variety of nieces and nephews were there, along with lots of delicious food. Once again, I failed to document our time there.

Next, we headed to Morro Bay State Park!

Luke and Levi were feeling lonely in their tent, so they decided to join us in ours!

It wouldn't be a Houghton adventure without bikes!

There was a group of otters sleeping in the bay.
Can you spot the momma and her cub?

Mom recently started working at a care facility called Avalon, so when
we saw this submarine, we insisted she take a picture with it.
We finished up our adventures at Avila Beach and in San Luis Obispo.

Nutter butter goggles anybody?

We even caught some good waves on the boogie boards!
On the last day of our trip, we celebrated Mom's 27th (x2) birthday! We certainly had fun being all together and seeing some pretty cool things. Without a doubt, we all have the best fun when we are together.

- Tess

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